Sometimes, A Breast Lift Alone Is Not Enough

If you are considering getting a breast lift done, you may be thinking of having some implants put in as well. Many women opt to have both procedures done at the same time, and for some the results can be amazing! But for others it can also be a disappointment! This all depends on the shape of your breasts, the skins elasticity and your desired results.

A traditional breast lift is often the choice for women who have noticed their breasts sagging with age, or who have lost a significant amount of body weight and wish to firm up their breasts to a more taut form again. What many women don’t take into consideration however, is that a breast lift will decrease the size of your breasts because it involves pulling the skin up.

After hearing that news, you may decide to opt for a breast lift combined with implant surgery to achieve both the lift and fullness you want to have. This can also be a bad choice sometimes however, because over time heavy breast implants will reverse the results of the lift, and your chest will sag to where it was before surgery, leaving you pretty much back where you started. Not to mention implants combined with a lift often give that fake ‘playmate’ look that you want to avoid!

One of the best options you might consider is the new Wonder Breast Lift! Developed by Dr. Cortes, this procedure can lift your breasts to their natural position and give them back their natural fullness at the same time. The end result is a look that is completely natural looking – without the use of unnatural-looking implants! The technique uses a patient’s own tissue to completely remodel the breast, so there is nothing artificial involved.

So if you’re considering having a breast lift, you may want to keep the Wonder Breast Lift in mind. With all the fake looking chests out there, you will stand out in the crowd, looking and feeling like natural beauty you are!

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