Dr. Cortes’ Wonder Breast Lift Technique

When most women consider having a breast lift done, there is often the disappointment in the fact that the size of their breasts will be decreased. While breast lifts can be combined with implants then the weight of the implant will often weigh down the breast causing repeat sagging. Then there is also the fake look of the implant under a tightly lifted breast.

Enter in Dr. Cortes’s Wonder Breast Lift – a brand new technique developed by Dr. Cortes himself that can give you all the results of a lift/implant combo surgery, without the too-full look, side effects – or implants!

Typical breast lifts involve making incisions around the areola, lifting the skin up, and then repositioning the nipple to suit the newly lifted breast. The problem with this is that in order to get breasts to look taut again, excess skin must often be removed, resulting in a big size reduction – not something most women want.

The Wonder Lift uses the simple technique of using the patient’s own breast tissue to both lift and give the breast fullness typically only achievable through implants. The Wonder Lift uses no implants however and can give you fuller, higher breasts that look as if they have never been touched by a surgeon!

The results you will get from your lift are long term as well! Since the breast is placed back into its natural anatomical position it will age slower, giving you years without needing a touch up – something most lifts can’t do!

So if you are considering opting to have a lift or implants done, you’ll want to consider The Wonder Breast Lift first! Without the need for anything artificial, you’ll be able to feel naturally beautiful and confident, wherever you go!

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