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Maintaining Breast Lift Results

When you go for a breast lift surgery, the results after your recovery period is over will leave you smiling! You’ll have a more lifted chest and feel better in clothing, and walk with confidence. But while your procedure results will last for a long time, taking care of your body is important to your […]

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Healthy Benefits of Breast Lifts

When it comes to breast lift surgery, most women undergo the procedure because of the visual cosmetic appeal. But many also have the surgery done for health reasons. A breast lift can reduce the size of your breasts and correct sagging, an especially prominent problem in women with larger chests. Even when it is done […]

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Dr. Cortes’ Wonder Breast Lift Technique

When most women consider having a breast lift done, there is often the disappointment in the fact that the size of their breasts will be decreased. While breast lifts can be combined with implants then the weight of the implant will often weigh down the breast causing repeat sagging. Then there is also the fake […]

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