The Wonder Breast Lift

Current techniques to lift the breasts lack the ability to provide long-term results. This be can confirmed by following the evolution and natural course of the breasts after the procedure. One of the most difficult things to do is to provide long-term upper pole fullness or the roundness and shape of the breasts. In addition, most of the techniques today do not reconstruct the essence of the breast mound. A saggy breast requires that every single anatomical structure is reconstructed to its previous form. The Wonder Breast Lift is a technique that does not use any implant to re-create new lifted breasts, thus resulting in very round and full breasts.

Dr. Cortés’s Wonder Breast Lift technique rearranges and positions the breast tissue to its normal anatomical location and provides long-term results. As a matter of fact, your breasts will look like if you had had a breast implant but without a breast implant. He basically uses the patient’s own tissue to remodel the breast mound.

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