Breast Lift without Implants

A breast lift without implants is a procedure that lifts the breasts and maintains the size of your breasts or will make your breasts smaller depending on the patient’s anatomy. If you do not want to have implants or if you want your breasts the same size or smaller, then, this procedure is right for you.

There are many ways and techniques to lift the breasts. In any of these techniques, you will need to accept a scar around the areola and also vertically.  One of the biggest issues with the current breast lift techniques is that they rely on the skin envelope to reshape the breast and support the breast tissue. This is the reason why the breasts will look very good right after surgery but, then, with time the breasts’ parenchyma will create enough downward pressure and when combined with gravity the breasts will bottom out with time.

There are two categories of a breast lift. There is the skin only breast lift and a breast lift where the nipple areola complex is transferred in a pedicle. This refers to an area of the breast tissue that contains the areola complex.  Different techniques will do this in different ways. You can transfer the nipple or a complex superiorly, inferiorly, superior medially, and centrally, among others. The closure of the skin envelope will result in a scar that goes vertically down or vertically down and horizontal.

My technique for doing a breast lift without implants implies, not only lifting the nipple areola complex, but also rearranging the soft tissue of the breasts to provide very significant upper pole fullness, round shape, and long-term results. The scar that I typically use is a vertical scar in most cases and a vertical scar with only a lateral horizontal scar; in this way, the scar can be hidden and you will be able to use the clothes that you desire.

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