Mommy makeover

   Combining a tummy tuck with breast surgery is what is defined as a mommy makeover. We know that pregnancy usually has negative effects on your body. Some of the changes that occur include excessive abdominal fat and skin and muscle weakness. In addition, the breast might sag and lose volume among other things. With newer advancements in surgical equipment and anesthesia, performing multiple procedures in one setting is possible today. With the mommy makeover, you can have a combination of various procedures, for example:

  1. Tummy tuck with lipo and breast augmentation

  2. Tummy tuck with lipo and a breast lift with or without implants

  3. Tummy tuck with lipo and a breast reduction.

   As you can see, all depends on what is the nature of the breast and tummy desired look and deformity. Some patients will need a breast augmentation; others a breast reduction. During your consultation, we will explore the different possibilities that will better suit your needs.

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