Modify mini tummy tuck

   We have already discussed the mini tummy tuck. In some patients, a more extensive mini tummy tuck can be done. As discussed previously, a mini tummy tuck will give you a shorter abdominal scar, but you need to have minimal to moderate excessive skin. Most of the excess skin needs to be located below the navel and the muscle weakness also below the belly button. Certain patients have minimal excessive skin that is mainly located below the belly button but also extends above the navel, minor muscle weakness that extends above and bellow the belly button. In these patients a modified mini tummy tuck can be a solution. A modified mini tummy tuck can be done in various ways. Repair of the muscle weakness from the xiphoid to the pubis can be performed through a lower abdominal incision and depending on how much skin needs to be removed the belly bottom can be recreated and kept at the same anatomical location or detached from the abdominal wall letting the belly button to “float”. In order to detach the belly button, a patient must have a long torso and the belly button cannot be lowered more than 2 cm. With this technique, you will have a shorter lower abdominal incision with a curvy figure and a muscle that is repaired in the same way a full tummy tuck is done.

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