Mini tummy tuck


   The mini tummy tuck is a procedure that minimizes the length of the abdominal scar but not everybody is a candidate for this procedure. The ideal candidate is one whose abdominal distortion is located just below the umbilicus and the pubis. In other words, the actual problem is below the belly bottom. These patients are displeased with their lower abdominal contour, especially when sitting. If you have the following clinical features, you might be a candidate for this procedure:

  1. Muscle laxity in the lower abdomen only.

  2. Lower abdominal bulge just below the belly button

  3. Excessive skin confined to the lower abdomen and not extending beyond the thigh–groin junction.

  4. Overall fit

   In general, this procedure is a much more limited technique that addresses isolated and localized deformities.

   During this procedure, an incision is done in the lower abdomen and is limited to the thigh–groin junction. This is in contrast to a full tummy tuck where the incision typically extends from hip to hip. The skin that is located in the lower abdomen is excised while at the same time not pulling too hard that the belly bottom is distorted. The muscles are repaired in such a way that they are sutured from the belly button to the pubis and not above.

   This procedure will improve the aesthetics of the abdomen tremendously but it needs to be used with the right patient. If you have significant laxity of your muscles, excessive skin, and disproportionate soft tissue in the upper abdomen and generalized fat distribution located beyond the lower abdomen and extending to the flanks, then, this procedure will not be for you.

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