Hourglass tummy tuck

    Let us leave the traditional approach to a tummy aside and think about getting the best results and profile possible in the abdominal area. My approach of a tummy tuck is very different from that of other surgeons. Why do surgeons focus on a flatter abdomen instead of on a curvier figure with a flatter abdomen? A tummy tuck cannot improve every single aspect of the abdomen profile. It just can’t. In order to get the best results, a combination of procedures is used to tailor each patient’s needs. This includes a tummy tuck, liposuction, and fat transfer to the hip and thighs when indicated. When patients think about a tummy tuck, the first thing that comes to their minds is a flat abdomen, but a flat abdomen alone does not necessarily represent a nice surgical result, an attractive belly, or harmonious figure. What I envision when performing a tummy tuck is not only to give you a flat belly but an hourglass figure. The hourglass tummy tuck is a trimensional approach to the aesthetics of the abdomen.

    What I mean by a tridimensional approach is explained as follows. An abdomen is surrounded by different anatomical structures that accentuate a woman’s figure; for example, the flanks, hips, mons pubis, and lower chest. If we look closely, a woman’s hip to waist ratio is about 0.7. This is what is universally considered a sexy figure or the hourglass figure. This is what I pursue to recreate with my tummy tuck technique.

    I always perform liposuction in the abdomen for various reasons. First of all, the fat layer and thickness need to be decreased to accentuate the abdominal wall changes that occur when the muscles are sutured together. Secondly, if the surrounding areas of the abdomen are not addressed with liposuction as necessary, then, there is going to be an aesthetic imbalance that will make your results unattractive.

    The main objective of a tummy tuck is not to get a flat abdomen but to give you an hourglass figure and at the same time a flat abdomen. Just imagine if you had a flat abdomen but look square after the procedure.

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