Full tummy tuck

      A full tummy tuck or traditional tummy tuck is the standard procedure used today to improve the aesthetics of your abdomen. This procedure is tailored to improve the three components that define the aesthetics of a youthful abdomen. The excessive skin, excessive fat, and also the laxity of the muscles can affect the aesthetics of the abdomen. Most patients in my practice have excessive skin, excessive fat, and significant abdominal wall laxity. In order to get the best results, the full tummy tuck is indicated. The full tummy tuck means a more extensive surgery in many areas. For example, the scar will be from hip to hip. There is no scar less tummy tuck. The only humanly possible way of removing any significant excess skin is to surgically excise it. The more excess skin you have and the longer it extends to the flanks; the longer the scar will be. In addition, a tummy tuck will also diminish the amount of excess fat you have. It is very important that you understand that a tummy tuck will not decrease the thickness of your abdominal wall, but it will decrease the excess fat that you have contributing to the rolls on your abdomen. Finally, the abdominal muscle laxity is sutured from the chest wall to the pubis.

      In essence, the full tummy tuck is a procedure that when performed successfully, it will recreate your abdomen to its previous form. You will have a flat abdomen with a nice curvy profile. Do not try to cut corners by accepting smaller scars when you need a longer scar to get the best results. You will most likely end with dog-ears on the sides and or excessive fat on the sides.

     The belly button is also remodeled. After pregnancy, the navel gets wide and the natural curvature and roundness is lost, thus giving the belly button a very unnatural appearance. Your belly button can be recreated to meet the requirements of a sexy navel. The belly button needs to be small and deep. A sexy abdomen needs to have a sexy belly button.

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